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Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class web page below.

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Class Webpage

Bernice Janes and Nicole Downs


Amanda Cook and Dean Adams


Leahann Costello 

Grade 1

Shelagh Carroll

Grade 2

Carol Dolan

Grade 2/3

Ann Marie Finkeldey

Grade 3

Thomas Uhlig

Grade 4

Steve Smith

Grade 5

Maura Edgley

Grade 5/6

Megan Benedict

Grade 6

Dawn Gonzalez

Grade 7

Lou Collins

Grade 7/8

Tracey Hall

Grade 8

Jennifer Principe

Program Support

Marci MacDonald

English as a Second Language

Agnes Kiss 

French as a Second Language

Gilda Romano Library/Curriculum Coverage Teacher 
To be determined Curriculum Coverage Teacher 

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